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Words of Wisdom Women’s Ministry (WWWM) was birthed out of my desire to share the things that I've learned and experienced over the years through life and ministry. WWWM is not a staffed ministry (at this time) but my personal ministry that God has birthed through me to share with others.

I am determined to do God’s will and teach ladies the necessary skills needed to live a victorious life in Christ and to walk in victory in their day-to-day life. Although I live in a small rural community I believe God created the internet to be used to reach ladies across this vast world to encourage, empower, minister and feed them with knowledge and truth of God's holy word and to water what has already been planted within their spirits. I may never personally meet you on this earth but I am determined to pull greatness out of you that God intended to be shared with the world.

This website was created to reach more people, and share the things the Lord has laid on my heart in a way that I could not do in just my community. If you should use any of the material please remember to credit me and this website or the source the material references as your source of information.

I pray that through the Words of Wisdom Women's Ministry you will find encouragement, strength, salvation and a desire to learn more about Jesus Christ.

Thanks for visiting!

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